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Is alcohol allowed on the bus?

Yes alcohol is permitted on the bus for all passengers 21 and older.  Alcohol is stricty prohibitted for any passengers under the age of 21. Personal coolers are welcomed!

How many people can fit on each bus?
Our big buses hold up to 25 people.  Our "lil" bus holds up to 12 people.

Can we play music on the bus?

Yes all Struggle Buses are equipped with Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to to control music

Is Tipping common for drivers?

Yes tipping is common and appreciated for our drivers.  We advise to tip your driver as you would a waiter at a restaurant. 

Does Struggle Bus pick up outside of Birmingham?

Yes Struggle Bus can pick up/drop off anywhere inside the state of Alabama.

Is there a cooler on the bus?

Struggle Bus will provide a cooler with ice for an additional $25 for hourly bookings.  Coolers are not available for one way trips.

Are personal coolers allowed?

Personal coolers are welcome. Disposable coolers have shown to be the most convient option for passengers.

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